Disc Game

A great way to have fun outside!

Zber is the perfect outdoor yard game to play with family and friends!  You can play it day OR night all year round!

It’s fun!

And snazzy!

“It is a very fun game with a snazzy aesthetic that I see providing hours of entertainment for people of all ages.”

Brandon Foster, Managing Editor, Casper WY Star Tribune

How To Play

"SET Your Course"

Every game is unique.  The self-supporting poles can be set up on any surface – grass, sand, asphalt, snow and in any formation.

Get Your Group Together

Get the crew together!  All ages and abilities can play Zber. Groups don’t get split up as they play! Play with 2 to 6 people or up to 12 people with 2 people per team.

Sling Some Discs

Each player gets a numbered disc.  The game comes with six discs.  Discs 7 & 8 can be added separately.

Get some Points

The first player whose disc strikes a pole hard enough to knock the ball over earns a point.  All players then move to that pole and get a fresh start throwing toward the next pole.

Have a Blast and Play again

The winner is the player with the most points. They get to reset the course for the next game by rearranging the holes.  Each game typically lasts 30 -45 minutes.

Everyone Loves Zber!

“The whole family found Zber aka the “Night Light Game” to be one of the funnest Christmas presents of the year!”

– G.N. (Cody, WY)

“The lights, snow, competition, and laughs”

“I read about Zber in the Billings Gazette in November and ordered it that day!  We have three boys ages 22-30 and we’re together for Christmas at our home in West Yellowstone. We had our first Zber game last night and LOVE IT!!  The lights, snow, competition, and laughs made for a magical winter evening.  Merry Christmas!”

– A.N. (West Yellowstone, MT)

I Played Past Midnight

“I would like to express our gratitude for your customer service. We received it in time for our Grandbaby’s birthday and the entire family had a blast. We played until past midnight.” – Pedo S.

It Was A Big Hit

I broke out the Zber game at a campground last night and it was a big hit!  We had so much fun, especially after dark.“ – Tom O.

Very Easy Setup. It’s Family Friendly!

Stay and play together! 

The perfect game for spending quality time! Unlike some games where players get spaced out or split up, with Zber your group sticks together making banter and conversation part of the fun!

It’s easy to Learn!

  • 4 simple rules
  • 1 point scoring per hole – no Pars, Eagles, or Bogies.
  • Accessible for wheelchairs and scooters
  • Adaptable for ages 4 and up

Easy to Transport and set up

  • Poles are self standing and can sit on any surface
  • Lighting poles is easy with the provided flashlights that take AAA batteries
  • Carry the whole game on your shoulder in it’s easy travel bag
  • It’s lite! It only weighs 8lbs

Play Anywhere

  • Yards, Lawns, Beaches, Playgrounds, Neighborhoods, Cul-de-sacs
  • Public Parks, School Yards and Churchyards
  • Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers
  • College Campuses and Athletic Fields
  • Empty Parking Lots and Ramps
  • Boating Trips to Beaches and Sandbars
  • Family Cabins, Dude Ranches, and Summer Camps
  • Timbered or Forested areas
  • Any of the above with snow!  Ski resorts are fun!

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UPS Has Announced They Can’t Guarantee Any Order Made After December 15th to Arrive By Christmas! So Get Your Game Soon for Tons of Holiday Fun!

Each Deluxe set Includes:

5 LED Lighted Poles
6 LED Lighted Discs. Official full size 175 grams, White Lights.
1 Black mesh duffel bag with shoulder strap.
Laminated playing instructions.
All batteries included.

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