To Play

Zber Can be as Easy or as Challenging as You and Your Group Want 

Design Your Course

Walk your Zber poles around an outdoor space to make your course. Each pole has its’ own number from 1 to 5. Place them in numerical order. Make sure you don’t space them further than you can throw a disc!

Get Your Group Together

Get the crew together! All ages will have fun Zbering! Everyone starts at Zber pole #1. You play up to pole #5 and back down to end on pole #1 where you started! Play in teams or everyone for themself! Best with 2 to 6 players.

Sling Some Discs

The goal is to throw your disc at the pole and knock the ball off the top. You can do this by knocking the pole with your disc or get more advanced by hitting the ball itself!

HOW TO Get Points

The first person or team to hit the golf ball off the pole gets the point, leaving the other players or teams without a point. Then you move onto the next hole.

How it ends

The winner gets to reset the course by rearranging the holes for the next game. Each game is typically 30 minutes depending on the number of players, skill level, and course difficulty. 

The Rules

Rule Number One

Player 1 throws a disc at Pole 1, trying to knock the golf ball off its tee. Play continues in order of the numbered discs. The thrower must keep one foot on the landing spot of his/her previous throw.

Rule Number Two

All play for a hole stops as soon as one player knocks over the Zber ball – either by hitting the ball directly or by hitting the pole. That player scores one point and all other players get zero. Play then proceeds to the next hole. One foot of the thrower must remain within two feet of the pole on initial throws.

Rule Number Three

The player winning a hole goes last for the next hole. Rotation of players continues as set at the beginning of game, i.e. If  player 3 scores the point then player 4 throws first on the next hole.

Rule Number Four

Play holes one to five then reverse and proceed from hole five to one. Play continues in this fashion until a player scores the required number of points.  The winner gets to reset the course for the next game.


 If a player’s disc lands and is touching in any way a previously thrown disc then the first disc has been poisoned and is out for that hole. (Hitting and bouncing off does not count.)  The player landing on the disc then throws again from the spot of the poisoning.  The poisoned player is back in the game at the next hole in the regular rotation. 

Zber gets even better after the sun goes down.

Where To Play!

  • Lawns, Yards, Playgrounds, Neighborhoods, and Cul-de-sacs
  • Public Parks, School Yards and Churchyards
  • College Campuses and Athletic Fields
  • Empty Parking Lots and Ramps 
  • Boating Trips to Beaches and Sandbars
  • Family Cabins, Dude Ranches, and Summer Camps
  • Timbered or Forested areas
  • Any of the above with snow
  • Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers

Ready To Play?

A Great Yard Game That Gets Even Better When the Sun Goes Down.


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