Let's Play!

A Great Yard Game That

Gets Even Better When

The Sun Goes Down.


The Game for Your Next Gathering of Friends or Family


The Basics

 All players move in a group from hole to hole, taking turns throwing disks to attempt to knock the Zber ball off the pole at each hole. The first player or team that knocks off the ball scores one point. All play for that hole ends and play moves to the next numerical hole.  Each pole has a unique design to designate the hole number. Play begins on hole one and moves up to five and then back down to one. The winner gets to reset the course by rearranging the holes for the next game. Each game is typically 30 minutes depending on number of players, skill level, and course difficulty. 

For 2 to 6 Players. Up to 12 Players When Utilizing Teams


Why is Zber Such a Fantastic Game?

  • It is best when played at night with the LED lighted poles and the LED lighted discs .
  • But, great day time fun also.
  •  All players move from hole-to-hole as a group which fosters banter, joking and camaraderie.  No one gets left behind or left out. 
  • Holes are portable and can be placed on any  flat surface.
  • Holes are self-supporting, requiring no staking, so they can be placed on lawns, driveways, or parking lots.
  • Distance between holes and complexity of course can be varied to account for all skill levels.


Easy to Learn

  • Easy to learn with just 4 simple rules
  • Simple 1 point scoring per hole - no Pars, Eagles, or Bogies. 
  • No score card or stubby little pencils needed. 
  • With proper course set-up it can be played from a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Adaptable for ages 4 and up.


Promotes Creativity


  • Creative throwing rules can be added such as “throw with your non-dominant hand”.
  • Course length and layout is limited only by your imagination.
  • With the addition of the “Poison Rule”, strategy becomes an important feature. See the "How to Play" tab.
  •  Obstacles such as trees, sheds, and swings can become an integral part of the game. Rules such as "the disc must go around the old oak tree on the left" can be added for even more challenges. These instructions are set by the winner designing the next course.
  • Players can use their existing golf discs, foam footballs, etc. Outdoor Games are great for creativity.

Occasion's for Playing

  • Friends and Family Gatherings
  • Tailgate Parties and Festivals
  • Birthday, Graduation and Other Parties
  • Late Night Boredom Breaker
  • Family Reunions and Picnics
  • School Recess or Gym Classes
  • Summer Camps or Dude Ranches
  • Any Gathering Looking to Keep Playing Outside After It Gets Dark


Places to Play


  • Lawns, Yards, Playgrounds, Neighborhoods, and Cul-de-sacs
  • Public Parks, School Yards and Churchyards
  • College Campuses and Athletic Fields
  • Empty Parking Lots and Ramps 
  • Boating Trips to Beaches and Sandbars
  • Family Cabins, Dude Ranches, and Summer Camps
  • Timbered or Forested areas
  • Any of the above with snow
  • Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers

Zber is protected by U.S. Patent No. 10,232,239 and other Patents' Pending. 

Zber is a registered Trademark and fully protected by applicable laws whether noted with (TM) or not.