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A great way to have fun outside!

Zber is the perfect outdoor yard game to play with family and friends!  You can play it during the day OR night!

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It’s fun!

And snazzy! 

“It is a very fun game with a snazzy aesthetic that I could see providing hours of entertainment for people of all ages.”

Brandon Foster, Managing Editor, Casper WY Star Tribune

How To Play

"SET Your Course"

Every game can be different by placing the poles differently.  The self-supporting poles can be set up on any surface – grass, sand, asphalt, snow.   Design your course to fit the time you have to play and the ability of the players.  Incorporate fun obstacles!

Get Your Group Together

Get the crew together!  All ages and abilities can play Zber.  The game is structured so all players move together as a group.   Some players may never score a point but they keep moving with the group – no one gets left behind.   They get to be part of the laughter!

Sling Some Discs

Each player gets a numbered disc.  The game comes with six discs so 2-6 players can play.  Discs 7 & 8 can be purchased separately.  More than 8 players is not advised – it takes too long between throws and leads to distraction.  Players throw in order of the disc number but this rotates to keep everything fair and fun. 

HOW TO Get Points

The first player whose disc strikes a pole hard enough to knock the ball over earns a point.  All players then move to that pole and get a fresh start throwing toward the next pole.  Players move from Poles 1-5 then 5-1.  This continues till one player reaches *3 points to win the game.  (* The number of points needed to win is decided by the group in advance.)

How it ends

The winner gets to reset the course by rearranging the holes for the next game.  Each game typically lasts 30 -45 minutes depending on the number of players, skill levels, points needed to win, and course distances / difficulty. 

Zber gets even better after the sun goes down.

Where To Play!

  • Yards, Lawns, Beaches, Playgrounds, Neighborhoods, Cul-de-sacs
  • Public Parks, School Yards and Churchyards
  • Gymnasiums and Recreation Centers
  • College Campuses and Athletic Fields
  • Empty Parking Lots and Ramps 
  • Boating Trips to Beaches and Sandbars
  • Family Cabins, Dude Ranches, and Summer Camps
  • Timbered or Forested areas
  • Any of the above with snow!  Ski resorts are fun!

I Played Past Midnight

I would like to express our gratitude for your customer service. We received it in time for our Grandbaby’s birthday and the entire family had a blast. We played until past midnight.

– Pedo S.

It Was A Big Hit

I broke out the Zber game at a campground last night and it was a big hit!  We had so much fun, especially after dark.

– Tom O.

The Best Game

Oh thank you so much!!!  A mom posted about Zber on a Facebook group created for families in greater Chicago area looking for fun things to do with kids during COVID.  She had taken her kids to a cool Christmas lights place and they played your game and said how great it was and something fun to do outside! You have made my Christmas!

K.D.  (River Forest, IL)

Why Zber?

Stay and play together!

Unlike some games where players get spaced out or split up, when you play Zber your group sticks together making banter and conversation part of the fun!

It’s easy to Learn!

  • Easy to learn with just 4 simple rules
  • Simple 1 point scoring per hole – no Pars, Eagles, or Bogies. 
  • No score card or stubby little pencils needed. 
  • With proper course set-up it can be played from a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Adaptable for ages 4 and up.

Be As Creative As You Want!

  • Creative throwing rules can be added such as “throw with your non-dominant hand” or “throw it between your legs.”
  • Course length and layout is limited only by your imagination.
  • With the addition of the “Poison Rule”, strategy becomes an important feature.  See the “How to Play” tab.
  • Obstacles such as trees, sheds, and swings can become part of the game. Rules such as “the disc must go around the old oak tree” can add to the fun and challenge.  These instructions are set by the person setting the course.  Silliness is welcome!
  • Players can use their existing golf discs, foam footballs, etc.
  • Outdoor Games are great for creativity.  Some children just need a nudge by watching adults be silly … then watch what happens!

Ready To Play?

A Great Yard Game That Gets Even Better When the Sun Goes Down.


Cody, Wyoming, United States


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