How to Play

Just Four Simple Rules


Rule Number One:

 Player 1 throws disc at Pole 1, trying to knock the golf ball off its tee. Play continues in order of the numbered discs. The thrower must keep one foot on the landing spot of his/her previous throw.  

Rule Number Two:

 All play for a hole stops as soon as one player knocks over the Zber ball - either by hitting the ball directly or by hitting the pole. That player scores one point and all other players get zero. Play then proceeds to the next hole. One foot of the thrower must remain within two feet of the pole on initial throws.

Rule Number Three:

The player winning a hole goes last for the next hole. Rotation of players continues as set at the beginning of game, i.e. If  player 3 scores the point then player 4 throws first on the next hole.

Rule Number Four:

Play holes one to five then reverse and proceed from hole five to one. Play continues in this fashion until a player scores the required number of points.  The winner gets to reset the course for the next game.




 If a player’s disc lands and is touching in any way a previously thrown disc then the first disc has been poisoned and is out for that hole. (Hitting and bouncing off does not count.)  The player landing on the disc then throws again from the spot of the poisoning.  The poisoned player is back in the game at the next hole in the regular rotation.